Wind, rain, hail or shine BC Fitness operates all year round - but we won't subject you to training in the harsh elements

At BC Fitness we want to keep you motivated, fit and healthy all year round.

Getting wet feet and cold hands working outside during late Autumn and Winter doesn't sound much fun to us, so we operate indoors during the colder months for everyones wellbeing!

Session Times

Monday: 6am-7am and 6pm-7pm

Wednesday: 6am-7am and 6pm-7pm

Friday: 6am-7am and 6pm-7pm


September through to March/April the majority of our sessions are held outside at Rugby Park, Home Point, just along from Seaport. We have exclusive use of this space so there is no delay or distraction during sessions.

During the colder months, April/May through to August/September, our sessions are held indoors. Morning sessions are held at Action Packed Stadium whilst the evening sessions are held at either St Ailbes Hall or Action Packed Stadium.

Our Aqua Fit sessions are held at Just Swim Indoor Swimming Pool, located at 34 Innocent Street Kings Meadows. The pool is heated and change rooms and showers are available. We use this venue all year round. 

Action Packed Stadium is located on Racecourse Crescent, Launceston.

St Ailbes Hall is located on Margaret Street, Launceston.