Mud, sweat and way!

Here at BC Fitness we offer a wide range of exercises and circuits to keep you fit, healthy and coming back for more.

Bootcamp sessions are run in blocks of four weeks. During that time you will participate in Boxing, Tabata, a PUSH IT class, a Body Renew (Yoga/Pilates) class, an Aqua Fit session, Weights sessions, Core Training, Drills and Resistance work.

Sessions are an hour long with the exception of Wednesday session which are HIIT (high intensity interval training) and is 30min. All sessions include a warm up and a warm down to ensure optimal training and muscle recovery.


Release your tensions with Cardio Boxing, which include targeting all parts of your body. Our boxing sessions are the ultimate workout because you exercise both the upper and lower body. All muscle groups in your body are stimulated, giving you an overall more defined look. Over time, you will notice that you will have more defined arms and legs, as well as a flat stomach.

Boxing increases your strength and endurance as your training gradually increases. The various moves you use, such as punches, jabs and blocks, strengthen your upper body while moving around keeps your lower body in shape. Blending all the moves, gives you more flexibility, better resistance, endurance and reflexes. A boxing stance requires that your legs are in stable form and throughout your training sessions you will develop powerful and stronger legs. Boxing is a great cardiovascular workout. 


Tabata training has fast become one of the hottest trends in high-intensity/low (or no) equipment workouts. Tabata sessions are structured interval workouts consisting of 20 seconds of explosive/full on work-out, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for a total of eight times on the same exercise. Tabata can be done indoors or outdoors making it a great way to experience intense cardio and strength intervals!

Our Tabata sessions are structured so that each and every muscle group is given a workout in our HOUR long Bootcamp sessions. Exercises paired with music telling you when to start/work and when to rest, Tabata will leave you hyped for the rest of the day!

Weights/Resistance Training

Resistance, weight or strength training - call it what you will. The definition of this form of training is the use of resistance to improve joint function, bone density, muscle, tendon and ligament strength. We use a variety of equipment to assist with this type of training - kettle bells, dumbbells, sand bags, tyres and stretchers just to name a few. 

At BC Fitness we tailor our resistance program so that you will get the benefits of all of the above as well as improving your heart and lung fitness, flexibility and balance.

Core Training

Engage your posture with core exercises for stability. Core is like the glue that holds the upper and lower body together. The Core refers to the musculature in the midsection of your body or trunk - abdominal, lower back muscles and oblique musculature. Your core represents the center of the body and is the connecting link for the transfer of energy from the upper and lower body and vice-verse. In addition, it serves as the foundation from which we derive strength and the ability to move efficiently. Without good core strength, not only is your body under more stress when we exercise, but it can not perform at its highest level.

Weakness and imbalance in the trunk muscles cause decreased running power and efficiency, as well as poor body positioning and the longer the race or with an increase in training volume, the greater the likelihood a weak core causes other muscles to work much harder, usually resulting in pain, spasm and/or injury.


Drills come in many shapes and forms.  They range from a very simple wall pushup (which can be progressed to a more difficult alternate hand pushup) running drills, partnered exercise drills to more complex tyre and rope exercises. Drills can be done with a wide variety of equipment or just your own body weight. 

The benefits of having a wide variety of drills means your body will not have a chance to get used to any of these exercises.  This keeps your body guessing and burns more calories than if you just did the same routine over and over.