Good things come to those who SWEAT!!

What is BC Fitness about?

First let us say what we ARE NOT about.

BC Fitness is NOT about yelling, screaming, extreme pain and working you so hard you want to be sick. 

We ARE about strength, technique, ability, support and encouragement in EVERY session that you are with us. BC Fitness is about respect, self awareness, group and individual fitness and fun. We are about helping YOU get what YOU want from YOUR body!! That's it.

You want to run a marathon at 40? We will help you get there. You want to be able to chase your kids around the backyard? We will help you get there. You want to shed a few kilos to get into that dress, those jeans, that suit......WE WILL HELP YOU GET THERE!!!

Our sessions are challenging but achievable. You have the support and guidance of a qualified and committed Personal Trainer who will help you all the way.

You don't need to step inside a gym and muck about with classes and timing and rhythm. You don't need the gym gear or the towels or the drink bottles and pricey memberships.

You need us! Committed, professional, unique - we are like nothing you've EVER experienced before!!

Mums, dads, grandparents and students come to our Bootcamp and LOVE IT!!

Our Commitment

To help our Bootcampers achieve their own goals through good instruction, good routine and healthy attitudes to fitness and strength.

We get a kick out of helping people achieve real results in a way that is sustainable, individual and realistic.

What our Bootcampers have to say...

Bootcamp Fitness is the BEST fitness and financial decision I have ever made I have been a member for nearly three years now and I couldn’t be happier
— Vanessa T - Bootcamper
...Bootcamp Fitness is the best thing I have come across that keeps me interested in keeping fit (And I get bored with fitness real quick). I actually get home from work and want to go to Bootcamp, I know we will be doing something different and exciting...
— Warren G - Bootcamper
I have never felt so accepted and comfortable in your bootcamp environment. I would not go to the gym if you paid me. The variety is awesome and you do it at your own pace until you really want to challenge yourself and the support is then there to help your progression
— Mel G - Bootcamper